In our article Plan B we noted 4 stages; Remember, Rebuild, Re-focus and finally Re-launch.  The first of these stages, Remember, will be a very personal thing. Only you will know why you started on a path and how that path still burns within as a goal, so for this instalment I am going to skip that and go in to Re-build stage in a bit more detail.

The Re-build stage explained

The purpose of this stage is to identify the diversion to your overall path that you are able to take right now and to consider the steps that might be needed to do this. Below are some suggestions to get your thought process going.

1. How is demand for your business’s products or services going to bounce back both in the short and long term?

  • Look at this for each of your products or services
  • Consider for each – its demand, profitability and ease of delivery under current restrictions

2. What you can deliver and stay legal and provide a safe and productive environment?

  • Think about PPE requirements and social distancing
  • Think about how staff will travel to work too

3. What are the specific regulations for your industry and how can you work within them?

  • Industry issued Standard Operating Procedures will be widely available for review

4. Which are your low hanging fruit?

  • Identify the quick wins for cash and profitability to get you moving

5. Which products give best profits even with low demand or are more difficult to deliver?

  • These will probably need a bit more planning and adjustment but will deliver worthwhile results

6. Has the resource requirement changed? If so what skills do you need to satisfy demand?

  • Look at this for each of your products or services

7. Can you automate further?

  • Think about outsourcing work that you are not able to do with social distancing, there may be another business who can do this more effectively
  • Look about in-house technology solutions

8. Which staff can and will return to work?

  • Can you stagger hours?
  • Can they work from home part-time?
  • Tough call but do you still need them?

9. How are you going to re-engage with your staff, Customers and Suppliers?

  • What are your communication channels?
  • What processes need updating and how are you going to ensure that they are followed?

10. Look at overheads, you have done it once to defer and save cash, now look at them again and decide what you really need ongoing both short and long term.

Ready for the next stage

When you have done all of this bring it altogether in a simple revised forecast that you are able to communicate clearly to all stakeholders and you are ready to Refocus.

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