What does putting the FEELING back into finance really mean?

Here at LBS, we have a unique technique that we apply to work with stakeholders, be they customers or colleagues, that really do remove their pain points.

Would you like to work with someone who knows how to unlock the hidden messages your stakeholders are sending?

The FEELING is how you manage to really connect with your stakeholders. 

We are the confidante to our stakeholders, CEOs of multimillion pound businesses.

You can’t achieve that confidante status without being able to find and connect with the FEELING.  

Our customers feel that we really understand their businesses and that we are in their corner, always alert to any risk or opportunity that might be coming towards them and being pro-active in providing guidance on how to mitigate or maximise depending on the situation. 

They value the way we work.

for example – supporting the business owner in meetings with parent companies or funders, so they are confident in delivering the performance narrative of their businesses in stressful environments. 

OR introducing them to suppliers of product which saved them money, because we knew a person who knew a person who could help  

They were relieved that there was finally someone they could trust with their business as much as they trusted themselves. 

They really appreciated that they could occasionally have the odd rant in front of us to keep themselves sane, after all who doesn’t love a good rant now and then! 

They appreciated the fact that we acknowledged they had a life or were trying to have life outside of their business and helped them maximize that.  

Our customers have called us Guardian Angels and Saviours but our favourite is when they refer to us as part of the team.

In short they appreciated that we were HUMAN and acted with FEELING so this has been our mantra ever since.

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