The FEELING requires a slightly different approach to working with stakeholders.

Here a LBS, we have adopted a unique system to provide excellent customer service by using a process known as the FEELING.

F is for flexibility and facilitation 

Instead of traditionally selling a particular process, transaction or time-based service, the FEELING recommends that we work on a fixed fee within agreed guidelines around deliverables, but very flexibly.

Thus, removing the barriers that stakeholders often feel about interacting with their accountant.

For example, the fear that a telephone call may add another few pounds to the bill.

Which often results in a stakeholder not actually contacting the accountant when they really ought.

Our first E is for empathy. 

If you truly wish to form strong bonds and high perceived value with your stakeholders, then you must develop empathy. If you don’t, they will never be truly honest with you and your perceived value will never be as high as it could be. 

How do we do this? It can be the simplest thing. Just taking the time to listen to them and to not always be in advice mode.

Most small business owners rarely have the opportunity to truly offload their concerns or their hopes and aspirations – as most people that they speak to have a vested interest in one or another outcome and whilst as an accountant you do have an interest – you wish to make your fees

Here at LBS, we spare the time to offer that business owner, the much-needed space where they can be truly honest. 

Our second E stands for experience.

By demonstrating your experience by sharing anecdotes, and stories from life allows your stakeholder to understand the depth and breadth of the experience you bring to the relationship. 

It reinforces the message 

I believe that you and your team have not only the capability to deliver a resolution, but you have had experience in doing so and can prove that it works 

and at the same time, it makes you human. 

This is massively powerful when it comes to improving perceived value. 

It also allows a friendly interaction which circles back to our previous E in empathy

L is for love.

Love their business as much as they do.

I is for indispensable. 

One of the most important parts of the FEELING is ensuring multiple points of interaction throughout yours and your stakeholder’s organisation.

N is for numbers

this N is more about your own numbers. It is about the value of your work and the expectations of your business relationship.

You will also get great insight into the type of work that your stakeholders are valuing, enabling you to leverage this in your fees and so that you can automate what they do not value. 

G is for growth

Most businesses have a growth target of some type. 

That growth may be driven to deliver them more time with the family.  

Or more profits for investment. 

Or increased dividends. 

Here at LBS, we are passionate about our customers business hence, we deliver:

Outstanding customer service resulting in  higher quality, better valued work to a smaller number of high-quality stakeholders.





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