Our Pricing: What to Expect

Let’s just start with what we don’t do:

– Tax Planning and Audits (but we will manage the process with trusted suppliers)

– Work with companies under £150k in turnover

– Take on a client for under £1000 a month in fees

– Sit on the fence

– Stay at arms’ length from your business

This isn’t us being fussy, this is just us being honest and transparent right from the start. And that’s what you get from us. Honesty. We will always tell you like it is and never hide from the difficult conversations. After all, the success of your business means the success of our business.

Our clients are all very different and so it is impossible to put them into a box and give them a neat set of packaged services. Or a standard price for what we do. (We wish we could as it would make our marketing much easier.) A lot of our clients come from traditional ‘hands-on’ industries like manufacturing, construction and waste management. But at the same time we also support bright young things with incredible ideas for their tech business. (And yes, we do want to pilot their products for them.)

Phase 1

Peeling back the onion to allow you to take control.

This phase can often take 3 months. It is where we get really hands on with the great, good and the hidden-behind-the-stair’s-cupboard-not-so-good-bits of your business. Unlike many accountancy firms we don’t finish our work at numbers. We look at processes, bottlenecks, personalities and anything which is going to limit the ability of your business to trade profitability and hit your personal objectives for the business. You will know we have got to the end of this phase because typically you have seen sustainable fixes put in place, and more often than not asked us to step in as part of your finance function. (If this hasn’t been requested already!)

This phase typically costs £3000+.

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Phase 2

Shining a light on the numbers to allow prompt decision making.

Once we’ve looked at every part of the business we are often then asked to become a fully-outsourced or partly outsourced finance function. This can include accounts receivable, accounts payable, bookkeeping, management accounts, daily cash flow management, kpi dashboards, forecasting, negotiating finance, attendance at board meetings etc.

These services tend to start from £1800 a month up to £5000 a month, depending on how much time you need from the principals in the business.

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Phase 3

Accelerating your business progress.

Growth can be a dirty word if your aim is to just survive. And a few of our clients arrive in this state, often referred to us by an investor. But once we and you in partnership have got control of the business, have up-to-date and just-in-time management information we will be fighting with you in the trenches to help accelerate your business progress. Sometimes this means we make ourselves redundant such as a successful business sale, or setting the business up so the finance function can come back in house, or we get to a point where we’ve taken a client as far as we can.

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